[Event series] Interactive top racing – Great gifts with Azventures (2021)



So after much incubation, Azcoinvest finally decided to launch its own fund called Azventures. This will be a community to support development projects and reach more investors!

To celebrate and thank everyone for their enthusiastic support for Azventures. Today Azcoinvest decided to hold a small event for members of Azventures, although small but the reward is huge, please read the details of this event below!


Interact with Azventures

Hearing the name of the event, everyone probably knows what the mission in this event is, right? Yes, everyone’s task is as simple as interacting with other members of the Azventures community. However, there are a few points to note:

Participants: Members of both Azcoinvest and Azventures . If you have not joined these two communities, quickly click the join button!

End Time: Since this is a series of events, the end time will be announced on Channel của Azventures. Everyone, please pay attention!

Scoring method: We will use the bot “!toplvl” to score your engagement. Corresponding to each point level, you will have different titles such as “Az resident”. The higher the score, the higher the title, the greater the chance to receive the reward

Note: However, it should also be noted that this is an INTERACTIVE event, if any member acts spam, sends sensitive content, does not allow it. We will immediately ban + kick that member out of the community and remove that person’s rank IMMEDIATELY!

The higher the level – the better the reward

Do people still remember the godly online games of the past like martial arts, Gunny, Zingspeed? The games that have made us plow day and night to level up with the aim of receiving a lot of great gifts to be able to PK online or simply have something to go “wheeze” with friends. At this event, Azcoinvest is also inspired by this and has divided it into 4 levels so that everyone can freely race to the top – receive great gifts. More specifically, this reward is not only for you to go “wheeze” with your friends but also can earn you a huge profit, coming here, you must have guessed the reward is What is it, nothing but slots to participate in IDO, the whitelist of projects that Azcoinvest has researched or is a partner with Azcoinvest.

Now Azcoinvest will explain to you more about participating in events classified by each level! The brother who reaches the level of each level first will be sure to have 1 event slot at that level (max 3 events, at your choice). For example, the first person to reach level 3. Then the events at level 3 you will be sure to participate (max 3 events, by your choice). In short. The higher the level, the bigger the gift, so try to level up quickly!


Each level will have a certain level of experience (exp) to be promoted, you must accumulate the amount of EXP set by Azcoinvest. Details of the levels are as follows:

Everyone, try to accumulate as much EXP to level up quickly. A huge reward awaits everyone at each new level.


Hope everyone will respond enthusiastically to this series of events. And don’t forget to invite your friends and family to join the Azcoinvest and Azventures communities!



Azventures Telegram  

Azventures Channel 



Azcoinvest Channel

Azcoinvest – Hidden Gem

Azcoinvest – OTC & Whitelist Marketplace

Azcoinvest Airdrop & Bounty


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